Vision & The Environment

At Tasker Catchpole, our vision is to create buildings that precisely fulfil our clients’ needs and desires. Any building we put our name to will be meticulously designed, functionally perfect and impeccably constructed using the best, most appropriate materials and techniques. And because we care about the places and communities we work in, we’re also careful to make sure our buildings are in keeping with their local surroundings – and that our presence causes as little disruption and disturbance as possible.

As a professional construction company, we take great pride in building structures that will last for centuries. But we also understand that, our long-term legacy is in more than just bricks and mortar. So, we take our environmental duty of care very seriously. It’s a natural consequence of being based close to the South Downs National Park, and a shared principle that runs through everything we do.

We have an exemplary record of compliance with the huge volume of environmental regulations governing our industry. That’s because rules ultimately apply to people, and ours undergo continuous training on our policies and procedures, and their own personal responsibilities. Through our environmental management system (EMS) we’ve embedded the ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ culture across our business, to cut waste at every stage from planning and procurement to completion and clear-up.

If you’d like to view our environmental policy, regular monitoring reports, training records and other relevant documents, please contact us.

The people who make it all possible

The Tasker Catchpole team brings together a vast wealth of skills, talents and experience. We pride ourselves on recruiting and retaining the best in the business, whether they’re out on site or in the office.

Meet our team

Our Promise

On the environment

Working with our customers and suppliers, we will, wherever possible:

  • Protect and enhance the local environment
  • Conserve natural resources through effective waste management

On our working practices

In partnership our clients and subcontractors, we will strive to:

  • Minimise noise and disruption to nearby residents and businesses
  • Enable ‘live’ sites to continue operating as normal

On our approach

Whatever the nature and scale of your project, we will:

  • Work closely with you at every stage from initial design to final handover
  • Specify materials and techniques the greatest available functional, structural, aesthetic and environmental benefits to the building and its users

On our relationships

In our dealings with our clients, contractors, staff and local communities, we will:

  • Communicate clearly, openly and genuinely
  • Be a trusted partner, supportive employer and considerate neighbour